Our favorite thing to do here at the Bruncheon is throw parties, that allow you to forget the noise, connect with amazing new friends and have a good time! Throughout the year we host 3 different types of parties, Yoga & Mimosas, Happy Hours, and our mic drop party, The Bruncheon Wedding Party! 

There ain't no party like a

Bruncheon Party!  


Yoga & Mimosas

The second Sunday of every month we host Yoga & Mimosa, to promote self-care, escape your to-do list, connect, have a good time and give back while doing it! Each Yoga and Mimosas donates gifts in kind to a Local Charity. This event is not a networking event and is open to everyone! 

Bruncheon Happy Hour

We host Bruncheon Happy Hours four times a year. We invite you, your girls and that fiance(e) of yours to join us for venue tours, shopping events in the name of happy hour! Come have a drink and network with wedding pros, and meet new friends! Our first Happy Hour will be announced in 2018. 

The Wedding Party

The Bruncheon Wedding Party is a Wedding Fair with a Workshop twist for the Brunching (soon to-be) Brides and Grooms! We give brides and grooms to-be the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from our panel of wedding experts over Brunch and Mimosas! The video on this page is from our 2017 Wedding Party!  

Price: Free ADMISSION 

price: $20 Per person

Price: $45.00-$65.00 

Save the date! 

The Bruncheon Wedding Party 

Date and Venue announced Sunday, March 4th