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FYE: Staying Balanced Throughout Wedding Planning

Yay! Today is For Your Education Wednesday, and this note is so good! Our new bestie Lilia from WedWell, is sharing 3 ways she stays balanced throughout Wedding Planning. WedWell’s mission is to empower brides and challenge the wedding industry to focus more on self-love, confidence, and compassion. (see why we’re friends) Grab your coffee, tea or cocktail(no judgement) and stay awhile.

Two weeks after getting engaged, I found myself crying nightly and having panic attacks about the wedding! I was getting asked about the wedding every day by different friends, being harassed about dates, venues, and guest list by my mother, and feeling confused about why people even get married in the first place (it’s just more money to spend and unwanted stress, so I thought)… Don’t worry- that feeling was short lived once I decided I needed a better way of handling the madness.

Here are three ways to stay balanced throughout wedding planning

1. Gratitude

Show gratitude daily. The fact that you are surrounded in love and get to enjoy the stresses of wedding planning mean that you’re much better off than the majority of this world. Yes, it’s stressful. And Yes, you are lucky to have this type of stress. The more gratitude you show, the more your attitude surrounding the wedding will change.

2.  Designated wedding planning times

When I first got engaged, family members would call me throughout the day to talk about the wedding. Even though I work remotely (not from an office) and have the flexibility to take phone calls mid-day, it was way too difficult for me to go from wedding planning mode/stress back to work mode. I had to set boundaries for myself by not letting myself talk about the wedding until after work, or choose designated times that I was open to talking about it!

3. Yoga

How surprised are you that yoga is mentioned here?!

Create a daily yoga practice to help you stay calm, grounded, and ready for the big day! If I haven’t had my yoga practice in for the day, I’m probably still in bitch mode. Once I get that yoga in my body, my perspective and attitude changes and blossoms into the person I want to be!

If you loved this Note you will love everything over at WedWell, head over and take a look. Don’t forget the 2nd Sunday of every month we host Yoga & Mimosas in Los Angeles, so if you are on the fence about Yoga come try it with us in a fun no judgement environment. 


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