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Hi, my name is… Mel Embry

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I’m Melanie, the Creative Director behind The Bruncheon and Melanie & Co. Productions. I love telling stories through intentional details with understated elegance and a pinch of the unexpected. A few fun facts about me, I’m a small-town California girl (yes, there’s small towns in California) living in the big city. I enjoy the simply things in life like the sound of laughter, a sassy comeback, spending time with friends and family, hand written notes and a good game night.

A Few Real Facts: when I am not connecting with people over Mimosas, I am pushing paper at my full time job, that I am learning to be grateful for. I am a recovering perfectionist working everyday to embrace the motto “done is better than perfect”, and “self-care is the best care”.

Over the last few years, I’ve been to many Bridal Fairs, both as a vendor and as customer and I would always leave feeling like there was something missing. As a customer, I was left with a bag of business cards, and without making any real connections. As a vendor, I would leave feeling like I didn’t have enough time to connect or help anyone. Yes, I had the opportunity to pass out a bunch of fliers and maybe book a few consultations and weddings, but I realized I craved connection, and the opportunity to not only inspire but to educate. This all came to fruition at the last bridal show I did as a vendor, when I stopped trying to talk to everyone and invested my time in one person that was truly interested in my services, we talked for a few minutes I had the chance to get to know her, give her some wedding planning tips, and share some creative ideas with her. She booked me on the spot and to this day her wedding is one of my most treasured memories.

After that experiences, I spent the next few years (4… But who’s counting) dreaming of a way to inspire, educate and connect Bride and Grooms to be to vendors and new friends on the same journey. First, it was a Wedding in a Box (don’t ask), then an App, then a Podcast, and finally The Bruncheon Brand!

The Bruncheon Brand, is A Modern Wedding Brand whose goal is to Educate, Connect and InspireBride & Grooms to-be with a drink in hand! We break down the barriers between you and wedding pros and foster genuine connections over Brunch, Happy Hours, and Yoga & Mimosas!

After the success of our first event now known as the Bruncheon Wedding Party. The repeat question was, when’s the next event? I originally intended on the Bruncheon being a once a year event, so I didn’t really know how to answer that question.  After much thought and reflection, I made the decision to transition the Bruncheon from an event to a community brand.

The Bruncheon culture is built on the $40 principle. I learned this principle years ago when someone gave me $40 and I cried like it was a million. This person didn’t know I was struggling to survive in LA, and trying to make ends meet with 3 jobs. Although that $40 seemed like a small gesture of appreciation to them, it was a big gesture to me and made a lasting impact. That is culture I vow to bring to the Bruncheon in every event we produce and host. 

More on the Wedding Party: 

The Bruncheon Wedding Party, is our annual one-day intimate event that gives bride-and-grooms-to-be the opportunity to learn tips and tricks from our panel of wedding experts over brunch and mimosas! We like to think of it as a wedding fair with a workshop twist! Please feel free to watch last year’s recap video here. I hope to party with you at the Wedding Party Around 2 on April 8th in Downtown LA! More details will be announced on March 4th!




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