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Dear Soonlyweds!

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Grab a seat and welcome to the Bruncheon Blog!

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Hey Soonlywed!

I’m Melanie, your host here at the Bruncheon! Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m happy you are here!

The Bruncheon is an in-person Wedding Experience; our goal is to educate, connect, inspire, and give you confidence + clarity to plan the wedding of your dreams.

If you’re reading this note in real-time or should I say COVID times, you know in-person events are not a thing right now. So after a proper cry and a few months of waiting for something to go “back to normal,” I figured now was the perfect time to launch our blog!

I know there’s a lot of great wedding resources and blogs out there. I wanted to be very intentional about how our blog was structured and the intent behind it.

The Bruncheon Blog Framework:

  • Every Sunday, we will post a new note with either an actionable tip, a tangible tool, or something to think over. In that note, we will include links to resources, and Bruncheon approved blog posts that take a deep dive into that topic. Please think of us as the cliff notes version of your favorite book.  Every note will start with a hello, and end with a cheers to you because you’re doing a great job. On the days when that statement doesn’t sound real, I encourage you to replace “you’re” with “I” and tell yourself you are doing a great job over and over again until you believe it.


  • Bruncheon TV, we have a youtube channel y’all! If you had told me a few months ago that I would have a youtube channel with my face on it, I would say you are crazy. I’m a self-described vibrant wallflower and have a massive amount of stage fright, but you know what? If 2020 has taught me anything, its that we are not in control and to spend every day changing those big dreams. You can watch our first video HERE (while you’re there, don’t forget to like and subscribe). I’m sharing the story of the Bruncheon and the meaning behind the name. The real version, not the sassy “Luncheon, was already taken” version.


  • Community, I want our digital home to be as much yours as it is mine. If you want us to cover a topic or ask an expert, a question in one of our interviews send me an email: It’s important to me that you always know you’re more than welcome to sit with us. I want to be your hype women, remind you, you can do hard things and tell you you’re doing a great job even when you don’t feel like you are.


  • Monthly Newsletter, the last Sunday of every month, a new letter from me will hit your inbox. We will recap the month, introduce you to some fantastic experts, share Brunch Dates with you, and sometimes we will even include a gift. Make sure you subscribe so we can be digital penpals.


  • More of me, ugh, that’s such a strange statement to type. There’s a lot that makes me who I am, and I want to show up here more fully as myself. For years, I’ve shied away from sharing my voice and experiences in life and the wedding industry, but you know what YOLO… Are the kids still that?! I wholeheartedly believe sharing stories is the pathway to genuine connection. (I’m not sure if that’s a quote or if I just made it up but I bet Oprah or Brene Brown said it)


In all seriousness, every time you read note here on our blog, tune into Bruncheon TV or party with us on social media I hope you leave feeling seen, loved, and like you’re not alone. I’m excited to get to know you, learn from you, and grow with you. Until next time!


You’re doing a great job. Cheers!

Ps. The Beautiful images in this note are by Laura Ford featuring florals by Winston and Main and edible art by Tastebuds Catering.


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