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I'm the Party starter at the Bruncheon, an Events Director, a Wedding Planner + Designer! The Bruncheon empowers Soonlyweds to plan the wedding of their dreams with education and inspiration while connecting them with local wedding experts.  

Growing up, I had two passions sports and throwing parties. What do sports and parties have in common? They both bring people together. They're both bridges to connection, collective joy and excitement... 

As full-time Boss Lady and 9 to 5'er, I know first hand how overwhelming it is to have all the ideas in your head and no idea how to make them happen or where to start.

I created the Bruncheon to ease your overwhelm and make sure your know there is a community of local wedding experts who support and care about you. I can't wait to party with you in April!

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Creative director 

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Growing up, I had two passions sports and throwing parties. What do sports and parties have in common? They both bring people together. They're bridges to connection, collective joy and excitement. 

I created the Bruncheon in hopes it would be that bridge for connection, joy and excitement for Wedding Pros and Soonlyweds. 

Our goal is to educate, connect, inspire, and give Soonlyweds like you confidence + clarity to plan the wedding of your dreams. 


Our goal is two fold educate, connect, inspire and give Soonlyweds and showcase local Wedding Professionals.

We believe knowledge is power and planning a Wedding is no different. When you are more educated in what it takes to plan a wedding, you will see the value and importance in hiring Wedding Professionals.

We believe in fostering  a genuine connections in a fun, informative, pitch free  environment!

 We believe in inspiration. Not only do we strive to inspire you through bold design and education, but in areas of your life that go beyond the planning.

 "through love, serve one another”

our motto:

photo by amy gray


I got my start in the industry in College as an Intern. I did everything, from designing layouts in CAD, steaming linens to installing   dance floors, pipe & drape.

01. how did you get started in the event industry?

My Family. Their love is what keeps me going, and gives me the courage to chase big dreams. They invested in me before I was ready to invest in myself. 

02. who inspires you?

1. My inner circle, Family, Friends, and my love.
2. My full time job allows me to learn, grow and take risks.
3. Time. 

03. what are 3 thing you are grateful for?

- Be humble and kind.
- Lead with a velvet hammer. 
- Always pay it forward. 
- Never forget where you came from. 

04. what are your operating principles? 

I want to have fallen in love with as many things as possible and share stories that inspire my Grandchildren to dream bigger and live a fuller life.

05. when your're 80..

photo by amy gray

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Fun Fact! I'm a wannabe "Oiler" and Lavender Essential Oil has so many benefits. It reduces anxiety, improves sleep, Improve brain function, and is amazing for your skin. 

06. when was 

I believe a statement earring and a splash of leopard print can jazz up any outfit.. Fine the ones I've had since High School ;-)

07. gimme all those


I live my life one laugh and an exclamation mark at a time! (I’m sorry Mrs. Nelson) I believe laughter is the best medicine, it's the easiest way to brighten someones day. 

08. I LOVE


Truth: I can’t sing but in my car… I perform! Let me tell you in my car, I said the birth child of Adele and Patti LaBelle.

09. secret talent: 


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