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Dear Soonlyweds!

i'm Melanie!

I had two passions growing up, sports and throwing parties. What do sports and parties have in common? They both bring people together. They're bridges to connection and collective joy and excitement. 

I created the Bruncheon in hopes it would be that bridge for connection, joy and excitement for Wedding Pros and Soonlyweds.  

Part hopeless romantic. part realist.

full time hype woman.

i love...

Bringing people together.

Spreading love and kindness.

Gift Giving... Christmas is my Super Bowel! 

And reminding you that, you're doing a great job.

More about the

the Bruncheon

Long story short: I built The Bruncheon after a knee injury, a bunch of nos, and a lot of stale wedding fairs! 

You can find the more detailed version of that story HERE.

 Our goal is to educate, connect, inspire, and give you confidence + clarity to plan the wedding of your dreams. With that in mind, I wanted to create a digital safe space where we share a Brunch of Tips to help you get HITCHED plus a little extra love! 

Here you'll find everything from Wedding Tips, life Hacks, things I love, Inspiration, behind the scenes, and get a little personal.

 At the Bruncheon, you're always welcome to sit with us! 



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